Tai Chi

About Tai Chi

The basic skill of Taijiquan is to exercise the flexibility and coordination of the body, and it can even restart the movements that have been frustrated due to illness.

In my opinion, a complete Tai Chi practice should be composed of three major parts:

  1. Pile Work
  2. Push Hands
  3. Tai Chi Form

Pile Work


Learn to relax the human body, find the root strength through the loosening and sinking exercises of standing on the ground, and find the sense of existence of the skeleton from the root. Only when there are roots and bones can there be structure.

When your structure appears, you can talk about the health regimen of your body.

Bones ascend and flesh descends, Yin (water) ascends and Yang (fire) descends. “Those who follow will die, those who go against will live.” This is the way of keeping in good health.

The four seasons of yin and yang (referring to spring, summer, autumn, and winter) lead to life and death.

In the practice of Chun Gong, some things in push hands and Tai Chi form can be covered. Of course, someone must give advice on this aspect.

Push Hands

The basic push hands (fixed step and moving step push hands) of Tai Chi is a recommended health recovery method, and it is recommended to try to move.

It is divided into three forms: two text push, martial arts push and arena confrontation competition. For those that focus on body building and health preservation, you can just learn text push.

Through pushing hands with two people, Bi Chungong can have a further understanding of the meaning of looseness, and have a further understanding of the flexible use of loose hips, which is the introduction to understanding strength in Taijiquan.

Tai Chi Form


Allowing the body and limbs to achieve better coordination can effectively improve your body’s balance ability.

It is a form of expression for Zhuang Gong and pushing hands in the Taijiquan system. If you haven’t practiced the previous 1 and 2, and the “3” here, even if you have practiced for ten years, you still have nothing on your body, you have been just practicing Tai Chi exercises, not Tai Chi. Of course, even if it is “exercise”, as long as a certain amount of habitual practice is maintained, it will still be beneficial to the health of the body.

We should be very clear that the Tai Chi form is only a part of the entire Tai Chi system and does not fully represent Tai Chi. Many park practitioners have been practicing Taijiquan for many years, thinking that they are already practicing Taijiquan.

When we practice boxing, we should understand the reason first and then practice boxing. Don’t box in a muddleheaded way. After many years, we still haven’t figured out what we are practicing.

Thought is the guide to the direction, and boxing theory is to test the correct use of movements. Afterwards, there is a core, systematic study and practice, and only then can there be harvest, and only then can there be improvement in level and cultivation. Otherwise, you can only go around outside the gate of the Taijiquan system for ten or eight years, but you still can’t enter the gate.

This is the difference between a warrior and a warrior. All the students in this group are wise people, so I don’t need to say more.

What I’m talking about are ordinary things. The information and pictures I provided can be seen everywhere on the Internet, but I have realized, summarized, and summarized through my long-term practice. Systematically teach those who are predestined with it.

Anyone who learns from me, whether it is a zero foundation or you have learned a lot before, coming here to study will only gain more for you without affecting or hindering your original things.