Schedule of regular activities

If you like to participate, we have activities arranged every year:

  • Regular dinners for students once or twice a year.
  • Can participate in the Sydney TCAA Taijiquan and Neijiaquan Routine Competition and Taiji Push Hand Competition in June each year.
  • The International Jingwu Sports Association martial arts competition is held every two years, and the country where the event is held is different (but you must join the Sydney Jingwu Association to become a member).
  • Every year on Australia National Day, martial arts performances are basically held in a certain area;
  • There will be occasional charitable donations to participate in martial arts performances.
  • Near the end of each year, there will be a large-scale martial arts performance for Sydney boxers.
  • Every year when celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, a Tai Chi martial arts performance held by Sydney TCAA.