Yuan-Lin Tai Chi Health Exercise

Simply called the “Three Methods of Gardening Skills”
The syllabus is divided into three parts:
1. Exercises
2. Technique
3. Breathing method

The taught courses are subdivided into:
Five Exercises, Five Skills, One Method

Five Exercises

  1. Neck Exercise (Smart)
  2. Pull-ups (Balance)
  3. Shoulder exercises (loose and heavy)
  4. Waist exercises (tighten the middle section)
  5. Abdominal exercises (elastic drumming)

Five Skills

  1. Promise Pile Kung Fu (Tighten waist and legs)
  2. Shanzi Pile Kung Fu (Practice loose and deep)
  3. Three-line relaxation exercise (Practicing loose body)
  4. Three circles of Chungong (Practice root strength, bone strength, structure)
  5. Three-dimensional swing exercise (loose strength, soft strength, hair strength)

One Way - Reverse Reverse Abdominal Breathing

  1. Exercises:
    Standing Chungong + Basic Skills + Body Muscle Development
  2. Techniques:
    * Routine
    Basic Changquan, Tai Chi,
    Knife, gun, sword, stick, fan
    * Tai Chi pushing hands
    Fixed step push hands, active step push hands, competitive push hands in the arena
  3. Breathing method
    Baduanjin health regimen, health care Tuna method, belly reduction, kidney function, strengthening the body’s small cycle, meditation