Yuan Lin Tai Chi Academy

The Yuan Lin Tai Chi Academy adheres to the principle of promoting traditional Chinese culture, and is not restricted by schools. It aims to provide health and fitness services for the public.

Our college focuses on health and fitness, through a series of taijiquan and equipment learning, students can gain knowledge and experience of Taijiquan and apply it to their lives.

The Infinite, Tai Chi, the two instruments, the four images, the eight Diagrams

How to understand in combination with actions?

What is Taiji thinking?

What is Taijiquan?

You will be able to get a very clear idea of these questions by studying in this college and putting your understanding actions into practice.

If you have a headache, knee pain, lower back pain, or high blood pressure, all of these problems can be alleviated, adjusted, or even eliminated by a course of “tracheal surgery” at our college.

Whether anyone learns martial arts as a self-defense attack or physical training (which should include all sports), one must pay attention to one-the word “nourishment”.

Knowing how to maintain quanshu is the means to maintain and prolong the life of quanshu.

Most people who practice boxing know about practicing boxing, enjoying boxing, playing boxing, and using boxing. But many people have neglected to raise fist. Boxing has not only concrete forms, but also abstract content. From this point of view, the life of boxing is eternal. However, for an individual, boxing may be as good as his health.

Some people’s boxing life seems to be short-lived, but some people can last forever, and even grow with their age. This involves the issue of how to raise their boxing.

The teaching in our college includes martial arts martial arts, equipment, vitality training, fitness and entertainment routines, which are suitable for all men, women and children.

The emphasis is on the word “raise”!

Combining life to raise boxing is our teaching feature, so you know how to be loose, soft and quiet.

The body and mind is the carrier of boxing, so you must learn to cultivate the mind and body while practicing boxing before you can raise the boxing.

What People Are Saying

Kat LKat L
04:58 03 Feb 21
Lin Shi Fu has many years of experience praticising various forms of martial arts and you can see his passion for it. He is well versed in many forms, can teach to all levels of ability and ensures foundation is correct to minimise injury. Highly recommended.
10:27 15 Jan 21
Sifu Lin is multiple champion in different types of Chinese Wu Shu competitions. He is a very patient and nice person. People had very happy experience to learn Tai Chi and other Chinese Martial Arts from Sifu Lin. Highly recommended.
Mel AndersMel Anders
10:43 14 Jan 21
Master Lin is a skilled practitioner and a very patient teacher. He takes a broad view to teaching the martial art – not just explaining the technique, but the reasoning behind it, the cultural context and the benefits to the body, mind and spirit. I really enjoy studying with him, in particular the mental focus required during the class, and the body control required to perform the moves fluidly. He also has a great sense of humour. If you’re an absolute newbie to Tai Chi (like me) I highly recommend Master Lin at Yuan Lin Taichi Academy.
tody zhangtody zhang
10:07 14 Jan 21
Master Lin is a very patient, professional and responsible coach for Taichi. He teaches many kinds of martial arts, weapons wielding, and qigong.
William ZhengWilliam Zheng
01:33 14 Jan 21
Master Lin is a very experienced martial arts coach. He has a lot verities of martial arts expertise. Definitely strongly recommended.

Target of Enrollment

Uphold the value of respecting people, develop people’s potential and soul, and realize the sublimation of self.

All men and women of all ages who are willing to strengthen their bodies (you can start from six years old).

Those who are willing to stick to the practice are welcome.